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Zoe Dreamix 2D by Winx-Rainbow-Love Zoe Dreamix 2D :iconwinx-rainbow-love:Winx-Rainbow-Love 39 21 Aria Dreamix 2D by Winx-Rainbow-Love Aria Dreamix 2D :iconwinx-rainbow-love:Winx-Rainbow-Love 44 18
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Russia x Reader (LEMON)~Those Vibrant Eyes :iconrussianblizard:RussianBlizard 14 0
Sleepless Night - Eren x Reader {One-shot}
You were restless.
The hour you usually grew tired by came and passed, yet your exhaustion was far from you. Your mind was still whirring with the whereabouts of day, actively searching out a distraction for your piqued alertness.
You sat in your bed, staring at the ceiling. No one else in your household was awake, and you found the thought almost depressing. No one to entertain you, to talk, to joke around, to sit in an equilibrium of pleasant silence, even.
Your eyes slid along the walls until they fell upon the dormant screen of your phone, laying vacant only inches from your outstretched fingertips.
To: Jaeger-Bomb
Subject: Halp

I’m bored.

You stared with pursed lips at the illuminated address on your phone until those ellipsis popped up on the screen, making your eyes widen and lips pull up in a smile.
From: Jaeger-Bomb
Subject: Halp

Nice to meet you Bored, I’m FUCKING TIRED.

A gi
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 104 20
Corporal Chronicles- Levi x Reader [3]
Grumbling under your breath, you plopped your grumpy ass down on your favorite swivel-ly chair and planted your forehead on your palms, massaging the dull throbbing in your head as Hanji dutifully took a seat in front of you.
"Spill it, girlfriend."
And so you did, not leaving out a single detail as your spoke loudly and gestured animatedly with your hands, a wide variety of expressions crossing your face as you explained the situation from the beginning. Hanji hummed occasionally, throwing in a helpful, "That bastard," or "How dare he," when necessary. Towards the end, she quieted, her eyebrows knitting together as you wrapped up your pitiful predicament.
She was quiet for a minute, watching you search for split ends in your hair with satisfaction as she griped for the right words.
"... So. You're totally in love with him, right?"
For once, you were at a loss for words as your eyes widened and your face flushed, Hanji's grin stretching from ear to ear as her confirmation was obvious.
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 128 31
Fresh Scars - Levi x Reader [3]
Hanji sinked back into her office chair casually, motioning for Levi's tense form to take a seat in front of her. He remained standing, arms crossed and expression foreboding as he growled,
"Hurry the hell up."
She only grinned back at his feisty demeanor, laughing a bit before kicking her legs up and beginning nonchalantly,
"(Name) loves you, you know."
This got the Corporal's attention, and Hanji fully enjoyed the reaction she achieved from jumping the gun so suddenly. His eyes widened, jaw slackening and mouth dropping open slightly.
A blast of thoughts crowded his mind, unable to fully process, or believe, the confirmation he received.
Why would you love him? Even when he was so cruel to you, and you snapped back just as coldly? You're indifferent behavior and snarky remarks, constant jabs, and direct disobedience?
It just doesn't make sense.
Regaining his composure, Levi straightened, cleared his throat, and glared at Hanji reproachfully.
"Don't make up rumors about such
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 127 34
You're Mine - Levi x Reader {One-shot}
Your legs brought your body up and down harshly, breath coming in short gasps. Your cheeks were flushed and your entire being was warmed to the core.
"Fuck... Levi!"
"Almost there, (Name)." His hand ran up your leg, stopping at your hip and squeezing.
"Why can't you do this yourself?"
"I can't do it without you, obviously."
You grit your teeth to suppress a groan, glaring down at Levi as he hoisted you higher.
"Levi, this gear is obviously broken! Stop testing it out on me."
He only cackled up at you deviously, cranking the wires tighter so that you rose even higher on the extremely unsteady belt you found yourself in. The day was blistering hot, and you were stuck in the air, soaking up the sun's unforgiving rays.
"Only if you apologize for drinking my tea, (Name)."
"What the hell?!" You roared indignantly; his stormy grey eyes narrowed. "I didn't even know it was yours, Levi! And I thought we were just testing the 3DMG belts for the trainees?"
"Nope," he drawled casually, raising his
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